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Jan Meyer Resume


Internet Web Site Development
Requirements Specification
Client-Server Windows Application Development
Computer Simulation Development
Electronic Mail-Enabled Applications
Database Development
Educational Software
Scientific/Engineering Software Development and Analysis
System Design and Analysis


Aerosoftware 11/89-present
Director of Engineering. Developed knowledge base / educational resource. Developed drawing application. Developed computer software study guide for preparing and taking examinations. Developed a menu driven program that selects system components from a database to meet user specifications. Developed PC based applications. Included all phases of planning, design implementation and testing.
OS: Win 3.1, NT 4.0, WIN95, Win98, Win2000.
Languages: HTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, C, Java, CGI, Fortran
Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, Access, FoxPro, DBase, Oracle, Sybase
Web Sites:
DataSkill 3/00-10/00
Contractor to Stone Analytics. Developed email campaign manager. Visual Basic with http interfaces to Java applets. Oracle database. Access database used on laptop demo.
Trattner Network 5/97-5/98
Contractor to Franklin-Templeton. Developed 401k internet site, intranet site for internal documentation. HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Visual Basic, Btrieve, Sybase.
Systems Partners 7/96-1/97
Contractor for Intel Corporation. Developed intranet site, graphics, HTML, Java, JavaScript, CGI, NetDynamics
AeroTek 9/95-11/95
Windows Application Developer; Contractor to Major Health Database Information provider. Developed Windows based application that nurses used during phone calls with patients. (C++; MS Windows)
Telos Corporation 5/93 - 8/95
Windows Application Developer; Telos Contractor to Department of General Services, Office of Information Services, State of California. Developed electronic mail-enabled Windows applications to replace existing paper processes. Included database management, electronic mail libraries, custom controls, networks and interfaces with other applications. Applications were for personnel/hiring process, purchase orders, alternate work weeks, absence and leave reporting. (C++, C, MS/Windows)
University of Arizona 6/82-11/89
Developed applications for mainframes and PC systems. Included scientific analysis, numerical modeling, database development, graphics and user interfaces. Included all phases of planning, design implementation and testing.
TRW 6/80-6/82
Software Engineer. Maintained and developed computer models for laser systems.


Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering Program (incomplete thesis) University of Arizona, 1982-1987
MS Physics, Purdue University, 1978
BS Physics, Illinois State University, 1976


founded the Computer Center at the Woodland Senior Center, named Volunteer of the Year in 1992
founded Sacramento Webgrrls
book reviewer for Sacramento PC User's Group


Books from Amazon
Basics of Design
Basics of Design
by Lisa Graham
The Elements of Graphic Design
The Elements of Graphic Design
by Alex White
The Elements of User Experience
The Elements of User Experience
by Jesse James Garrett

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