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Ask People for Information

You can obtain a lot of information from people by asking. This can be done in many ways. The best way is to ask at the right time.

It is better to ask for quantity, color or size on the product description page than when the person is at the checkout. This is how we shop in a brick and mortar store.

The checkout person at the grocery store would think we flipped if we showed up with a dozen Medium eggs and said we really wanted 2 dozen Large eggs.

After you collect information you have to figure out what to do with it.

This section explains:

Ways to Ask People for Information

Fill-in the Blanks

The most common fill-in-the-blank is asking a person to sign up for a newsletter. Others include asking for name and address.

General Questionaire

A general ouestionaire has many questions of differing types. The questions may be fill-in the blank, choose from several options or long paragraph answers.

Product with many options

Your catalog products may have many options, such as size and color(s). The product display area asks the customer to choose options.

Order Form for a shopping cart

Check out orders ask for name, address, shipping method and payment information.

Multiple Choice Exam

Everyone is familiar with multiple choice exams. Online versions are more flexible. The order of the questions and the order the answers are listed can be randomized. This means that someone using a practice exam will learn the material. They would not just learn question 1 is 'a', question 2 is 'c' etc.

Short Essays as Answers

Short essays are used to have a person explain things in their words. This supplements answers to mulitiple choice or fill-in the blanks questions.

Ways to Use the Information

Once you collect information you have to do something with it. You can simply email it to yourself, email it to the person, save it for future use or processing or compare it against other information. Information can be put on a message board or a classified ad - auction area.

You also have to make sure the information is accurate as best as possible.


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