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Needs to be more accessible

Accessible web pages are providing many opportunities for disabled people. Not just visually impaired, but people with limited physical motion are doing things they could not before the wide spread use of the internet. Government sites are required to do this.

Accessible sites are also very search engine friendly. Accessibility is enhanced by

  • adding ALT tags to all images
  • adding TITLE tags to anchor tags
  • adding LABEL tags for all form data
  • adding default data for form entries
  • adding CAPTION and SUMMARY attributes to tables
  • identifying acronyms
  • identifying abbreviations
  • adding ACCESSKEY labels when appropriate
  • minimizing the use of tables
  • using good color contrast
  • testing the site with JavaScript and style sheets disabled.


Books from Amazon
The Design of Sites
The Design of Sites
by Douglas K. van Duyne, et al
The Design of Everyday Things
The Design of Everyday Things
by Donald A. Norman
HTML for the World Wide Web
HTML for the World Wide Web
by Elizabeth Castro

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