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Web pages should be changed from time to time. This helps bring people back. You can
  • read about different ways to update your site,
  • identify the updates you need and
  • send that information to me for a FREE estimate for updating your site.

This section explains:

Types of Updates

Updates may be incremental or an entire modification of a site.

Updates may replace existing product descriptions with the latest, greatest version of the product.

Updates may expand the web site. New sections with new products or information always enhance a site. Your site should be resubmitted to search engines after any major change.

Scope of Updates

Updates can be major several week operations or tiny 5 minutes worth of work.

A major update may be adding hundreds of documents, also known as white papers, to your site. Your site should be resubmitted to search engines after any major change.

A 5 minute update may be adding an event to your Calendar of events.

Frequency of Updates

Periodic updates may be needed on daily, weekly, monthly or on an 'as-needed' basis.

Updates may may be a one time event, such as adding white papers to your site.

Updates may reoccur every month or week. Events or class schedules reoccur on a regular basis.

Some updates only need to be done when the circumstances call for it. Price changes in catalog items are examples of 'as needed' updates.

Method of Update

Updates may be done manually or automatically. Most smaller projects use a manual update system.

Larger projects, catalogs with thousands of items, generally require at least some automation. Automation reduces errors in repetitive tasks and quickly performs mundane tasks.

Other Features

There are other features of updating.

You can transfer data from one source to another and then update your pages.

You can allow people visiting your site to update their information.

You can allow specific people to update only certain areas of your site.


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